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    Specializing in Home Remodeling and Renovation, Nordhoff Industries can help you transform your house into the home of your dreams!

    This video demonstrates a method we developed to revamp your surface facings with a modern look for much less cost than complete replacements.

  • North Dallas Home Remodeling – Transform Your House Into Your Dream Home

    Remodeling your home may be desired to achieve several effects. You may want to free up more space that you can use. You may want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your interior. And, it can also incorporate components of a green home for energy-saving and eco-friendly living. Adding a few extra steps to the remodeling work can also pave the way for better indoor air quality. For homeowners and occupants with respiratory issues, this is very crucial. Addressing excess moisture can control mold that may impair health if unchecked.

    Whether you’re planning to have a living room or master’s bedroom makeover, outfitting your home with energy-saving features to save money in the long run, addressing the blistered paint in your ceiling bathroom, or ripping out your old kitchen to give way to a fresher, more elegant one, a North Dallas Home Remodeling specialist can be of great help to you.

    Whether you need a full scale renovation or want to start off with certain parts of your home like the kitchen or bathroom, begin by checking out the websites of professional companies specializing in home remodeling services and contact them to get a free cost estimate. You may want to check their references; and find out if they have received any `best vendor’ awards. And, find out if they offer a warranty on labor and parts.

    Ideally, a home should stand the test of time. Yet the passage of the years can cause wear & tear. Remodeling your home can pave the way to a modern and inspiring living spaces and a North Dallas Home Remodeling company can help you to achieve that look which will transform your house into the home you’ve always dreamed of. For instance, you can let modern elements flow by opting for a more spacious and streamlined kitchen design that will have tasteful and functional furnishings that don’t overlook aesthetic considerations. Nordhoff Industries offer a wide range of services from simple room remodeling to a total home renovation and can guide homeowners in choosing from among a wide assortment of materials. There’s a whole gamut of interesting options in the market nowadays. Robust, hard-wearing materials in different colors and textures are highly preferred and "going green" is very popular and wise choice these days.

    For a modern kitchen makeover, a popular material is granite – owing to the beauty it can lend to an area like the kitchen. And granite is not only beautiful but also very durable. Modern lighting fixtures, cabinetry, and the type of chairs and other furniture pieces used will also enhance the overall look of a contemporary kitchen, which can be used not only for preparing meals but for getting together with family and friends.

    North Dallas Kitchen Remodeler

    Note how various design elements come together to create a modern kitchen that is aesthetically appealing.

    Let Nordhoff Industries, a North Dallas Home Remodeling specialist, skillfully execute and add value to your existing abode. You can trust us to help you choose quality materials when renovating your whole house, or making additions to your home. Quality, cost-efficient work at a very reasonable price.

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